#1 Fear When You Have Kids. This is definitely the #1 fear I have with my kids. It can be great but also tough.

Being a parent can be tough since you don’t know exactly how your child’s mood will be. But it can be rewarding too! From the time they are born, you wonder if they’ll be shy or charismatic.

If they will love you or dislike you when they’re in their teens? Will they forget about you once they’re older or will they be there by your side? Many fears and questions come to mind as you’re starting your journey in parenthood.

When you had no children or if you still don’t have any, you might have fur babies which are considered your babies. You watch them move, grow, have pain and even cry. They will be your babies no matter what. If they hurt, you hurt and if they’re happy, you are joyful. 

This morning my youngest hesitated to get on the bus. He stopped and said “no” and held his little body back from the bus. I wondered and said, “what did you guys do to him for him to be this way?” The bus monitor just stayed quiet and just told him, “come on let’s go, we’re running late for school.” 

Since he still doesn’t speak, I urged him to get on the bus as I heard the bus driver exclaim, “if he doesn’t want to get on, then she can take him herself.” I thought it was a bit rude but I stayed quiet and just picked up my son and put him on the stairs so he could get on.

One foot after the other he did as he was told. Yet once he was seated, the bus monitor was troubled when he didn’t want to sit. I watched him being fidgety and not wanting to sit still. There she sat him and fastened him so as not to move or run. 

I thought and wondered what was going on in his little mind? Did they do something to him or was he just wanting to stay home with mommy? 

The thought brought tears to my eyes as I went back inside with my oldest. We both questioned what was the matter but no answer came about. A few minutes later, I took up the courage to call his teacher to inquire.

She said he had had trouble the day before with sharing and waiting on his turn.

“Nothing out of the ordinary,” she said. “I’ll call you later on to let you know how he did,” she advised.

A couple of hours later, my phone began to ring, it was her.

“He got to school happy and has been happy ever since, nothing seems to be bothering him now. Maybe he just didn’t want to leave your side or just woke up in a different mood. We all have those days when we don’t want to go to work or school.”

I politely said thank you and hung up the phone.

I was happy to hear that he was doing better now.

A few hours later, I heard the screeching and puffing of the bus’ breaks. He finally arrived. As I walked to the bus, I saw him through the window waving at me and standing on the seat jumping up and down without his shoes (he tends to take them off).

There I saw a big smile on his face. Smiling and cheerful he came off the bus and giggling at nothing, which I loved the sound of that.

When you’re up and running, sometimes I plead for you to sit,

When you’re sick, I pray that you get better.

When you’re quiet, I ask for you to speak.

When you’re loud, I implore for you to hush.

When you’re mad, I ask for explanations.

But, when you’re happy, I LOVE to make you giggle!


#1 Fear When You Have Kids. This is definitely the #1 fear I have with my kids. It can be great but also tough.

P.S. What is your number one fear with your children? About your children? Besides praying for them, what else do you use to make sure you don’t get so worried.

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