As a business owner, your brand is one of the most valuable assets you could invest in, and that is why it should be considered one of your top priorities when it comes to starting your business.

WHY? Your brand speaks a lot about who you are, what your business has to offer, and why your clients should trust in doing business with you.

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Below are three good reasons why you should invest in branding for your business.

First Impressions Make a Difference

Branding your business allows you to express your creative vision and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

When it’s done right, not only will your business look professional, it’ll also attract the right audience.

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon

Differentiate Your Business

Branding helps differentiate your business from your competitors. Everything from your logo design to your website, and everything you post on social media.

Having a cohesive brand throughout all your marketing helps your audience recognize and distinguish you from your competitors.

Communicate and Connect

Most people think that having a logo is branding, but it’s more than that. Without you having to say a word, your brand should also establish an emotional connection with your audience. It should communicate what your vision is and connect your audience to trust in your process and/or what you have to offer.

Your brand represents your entire customer experience from start to finish, and it can make or break your success. You should not view it as another expense against your marketing budget; it should be treated as an investment.

Keep in mind, people don’t buy products, they buy brands. Take for example, Coach and Michael Kors; these brands have been around for decades that when you see their logo anywhere, you automatically associate them to that high-end, well-established business.

It also goes the same way for any type of service-based business. People don’t do business with you because of your service, they come to you because of your reputation and how your brand connects with them on an emotional level.


Friend, I cannot stress enough when I hear of business owners talk about how amazing their business is and why they are so passionate about what they do, but they lack the understanding of branding. If this sounds like you, I highly recommend you invest in your branding.

I get it, you just started your business and perhaps you feel like the business is still new that you can get by without investing too much in the brand. You don’t think you can make a difference. You don’t have the budget at the moment, or you simply don’t see the need for it, but you know what?

All these sound like excuses.

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When will it be the right time?

You only have one chance, one chance to connect with your audience. There will never be the right time because the right time is now, better yet, it was yesterday, so why not invest in something that will generate you more leads!?

Have you invested in your branding for your business? Why or why not?

Guest post by Chou Xiong


Hi, my name is Chou (Choo) and I’m a big believer of all things possible. Located in NC, I’m a self-taught photographer and graphic designer, I love what I do and could not have asked for a better career. To be able to capture memories, create art, and inspire others is a beautiful blessing. I’m a big supporter of female entrepreneurs, or I like to say “femtrepreneur”. As a business owner, I’m so thankful that not only am I able to do what I love every day and still spend time with my family, but also be able to contribute my skills to help others do what they love and are passionate about.

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