7 steps to Spring Clean your mind body soul. Great article about cleansing your mind, body and soul. I really need to work on number 4 and 5. I already try my best to do number 3 but need to work at it. Awesome tips!


As Mother Nature is doing her part to cleanse her flesh and purify her breath, this is a time for you to do exactly the same.


While Spring is a sign of new beginnings, flowers blooming, ice is melting and the birds are chirping. Right away you start feeling a sense of freshness and cleanliness.


However, you also start thinking of all the nooks and spaces that you need to clean and dust in your home. The winter clothes that is piled in the closets, the mountains of paper on your desk and all the toys your kids don’t play with anymore.


Phew! I bet you’re already exhausted just thinking about it.


Today I want to encourage you to first off, put away the broom and duster for now and let’s do a different type of cleaning. The cleansing of your mind, body and soul.


Yes, you heard right! As the day to day hustle and bustle of life brings to us, our mind, body and soul also need a fresh beginning.

Cleanse Your Mind

You already know how to maintain your closet organized, how about your mind? Many of us keep adding and stuffing negative thoughts and ideas in our minds and simply keep piling it up in our mind closet.


From jealousy, anger and even resentment. These thoughts are not only bad for those around you, but can be bad for your health and happiness. Having resentment or anger will not do anyone any good as the old saying says, “Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”


Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Click To Tweet


This will never happen, so if you have all these feelings, as Queen Elsa’s song says, from Frozen, “Let it Go!” It is best to see these experiences as what they are, just a lesson in life and give thanks for these lessons.


You can only learn from them and not let them defeat you. So clear your mind closet of these feelings and feel lighter in spirit.


Clear Your Social Life

You’ve heard about how negativity affects your energy and your well being. It is time to clear yourself from those toxic relationships that affect your own mood.


Whether it be a friendship or romantic relationship, if you are with someone that is constantly sucking your energy, it is time to reflect if you really need them in your life.


You don’t need anyone weighing you down and keep you from being positive and happy.


You don't need anyone weighing you down and keep you from being positive and happy. Click To Tweet


As one of my favorite actors, Will Smith states, “Stop letting people who do so little for you control so much of your mind, feelings and emotions.


Sometimes coworkers or friends drain you with their negativity and toxicity. The best advice is not to let them drain you and respond back with a positive statement.


In the end, they will be the ones that will see that you don’t follow their negativity and you will triumph. Stop letting other’s negativity affect you and dedicate your time to those that will treasure you for who you are and inspire only positivism.


Wipe Your Calendar

Talking about your time, what or to whom do you dedicate your time to? Is it something or someone worth your time?


Sometimes we find ourselves with minutes missing from our daily lives, as if time has suddenly sped up or stolen minutes from us.


If this is you, evaluate where your time goes. That time that is taken on Facebook or other social media, is it something productive? Time spent on watching a soap opera, if those still exist, since I hardly watch TV now.


Could your time be spent more wisely on other more important life events? Try spending time with your loved ones, reading a book that inspires you, or even taking a class to learn something new like I did in this post, Just Shoot.


Wipe out your calendar from events that are not productive and schedule time for YOU. Click To Tweet


Wipe out your calendar from events that are not productive and schedule time for YOU. Sometimes spending time alone to reflect and connect with yourself, helps clear your mind and soul.


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Tidy Your Finances

While being positive and wiping out unnecessary tasks, being financially stable can also help with removing unnecessary stress in your life.


If your account seems like cash is only flowing out instead of in, figure out where your money is going. Are you making impulse purchases that are not really necessary?


Break down all your monthly expenses and income and see where most of your money is spent. If you have extra money per month then that is great!


If you’re having to scramble to find where you can borrow or get money, you need to review what it is that you’re spending your money on and make a monthly budget or plan.


Once you have a plan and budget in hand, you should be able to determine what you can cut from your expenses and even think about investing or saving.


Once you have a clear track of your finances, your worry can be less and give you peace of mind.


7 steps to Spring Clean your mind body soul

Dust Off Your Talents

Like the clothing that you no longer wear sits and gathers dust in the corner of your closet, so do your unused talents.


If you’ve been thinking of using your artistic talents, just GO FOR IT! We let our talents dissipate because we have our mommy duties or professional duties that take over our lives.


Let your mind and soul explore the beauty of what your hands or voice can create, paint, sing or even write.


This will help your mind unwind and relax and make you feel as yourself again. Even though you love your children, spouse or job, your soul needs to rejuvenate and continue to delve into fulfillment.


Find what your talents are and CAPITALIZE them.


7 steps to Spring Clean your mind body soul

Remodel Your Habits

If you’ve heard the saying, “you are what you eat,” then you will understand that sometimes we need to change our ways.


Healthy eating is sometimes ignored in our daily lives since we have so much to do. You sometimes skip breakfast or lunch and later regret it because it has its consequences on your body.


I encourage you to make a change in your own habits if you go through all of them one by one and start slowly. No need to change all at once and right away, but steady does it.


If exercise is not part of your daily habit, slowly start by walking around your neighborhood or playing outside with your kids.


Sometimes this is the last thing we do for ourselves and it’s usually what we should be doing for our own good. I am probably preaching to the choir in this instance but if not, then today is the day to get started.


Slow and steady wins the race as they say.



Eliminate The Excess

Now that you have cleaned out the closets and dusted off the nooks of your mind, body and souls, it is time to get rid of the excess stuff.


From the inside of your own home to yourself. Rid yourself of items you no longer use or need as someone else might use and need it. You can sell it, gift it or just plainly get rid of it.


Clean out your closet. If you have clothing or shoes you no longer use but are still in good condition. You can take them to a consignment shop that specializes in providing clothes at low prices.


While you make room in your closets, you can get paid for dropping off your clothes and selling it. Or you can also do these 5 Ways to Make Money From Your Items.



While doing your Spring cleaning in your home this Spring, also consider cleansing your mind, body and soul.


You will feel more energetic, happy and fulfilled. Your home and yourself will feel the weight come off as the new YOU is freed from everything that was cluttering your home and soul.


Now, I encourage you to open up the windows of your home and your soul and let the freshness of Spring fill you with the scents of flowers and the rays of sunshine!


P.S. What has been some of the clutter that has been keeping you weighed down? What have you gotten rid of from your home or life? Feel free to comment below and let me know what things you have let go today. 


7 steps to Spring Clean your mind body soul. Great article about cleansing your mind, body and soul. I really need to work on number 4 and 5. I already try my best to do number 3 but need to work at it. Awesome tips!


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