So you have a business, you set up all your social media platforms to get customers, but you don’t have time to post daily. What to do? There is all the work it takes to grow your business and not enough time to market your business and engage with customers on social media.

There are many ways you can take advantage of the many skills a Virtual Assistant can provide to your business. What is a Virtual Assistant? I mentioned in this post, “How your skills can help you become a Virtual Assistant,” that a VA (for short) is a business person helping out another business owner with any administrative work, research, marketing, plus social media management.

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As the business owner, you want to be known to others, especially your target market. To do so, you have to research and scope your audience, competitors and not only post content, but also engage with your followers and potential clients.

Besides already handling customer service, meetings, photo editing if you’re a photographer; you have to have the time to create interesting content for your readers and create that social funnel to reach your final goal, CONVERSION.

The content creation needs to interest your target market, by aiming to have your ideal client get to know you, like you, and trust you.

Whether you’re a product or service-based business, your social media accounts need to be used, as not only a marketing tool, but as a client-attraction tool.

If you are currently struggling with balancing everything in your business and you need the help, you can outsource this very important task to someone like myself, a Social Media Manager. An experienced Social Media Virtual Assistant can tap into the endless possibilities of growth through marketing and interaction with clients.

If you would rather have a print E-book of this blog post, I have created it for you with an additional checklist. Be sure to grab it below:

8 Responsibilities to Outsource to a VA

Draft posts: Your VA can curate and draft posts for you to keep an active presence on your social platforms.

Research: Your VA can research best practices in sharing your services or products to different platforms. They can also research the best hashtags and keywords in order to appear high in search engines. Each platform has its own strategies that need to be followed in order to appeal to that platform’s users.

Share content: If you have a blog for your business, it’s important to share it in the different platforms and create content-specific images in order to fit the needs of each social platform. Your VA can create social graphics that meet each social media’s requirement. They then can use your specified social media sharing tool like Tailwind for Pinterest and/or Instagram, Hootsuite or Planoly for Instagram. Or any other app or tool you use.

Engage with followers: In order for the algorithm to “like” you, each platform has different requirements they would like for you to follow in order to have a presence. One of those is being able to engage with your followers. Not only liking accounts here and there but actually having a conversation.

Whether you want to or not, you only have 24 hrs in a day. As a business owner, you can't handle all the tasks. Here is one way a Virtual Assistant can help alleviate your work. Read how. #virtualassistant #socialmediamanagement Click To Tweet

Comment with a meaningful question or statement that has more than four words. Follow other accounts that are mostly from your ideal client avatar and even others in your niche. This can take time from you but your wonderful VA can handle this task for you.

You want true engagement!

Keep in mind, algorithms change and not one person really knows what they are but they can see trends.

Weekly reports: To know if your social media accounts are being successful, you should set goals for your business. Setting a weekly or monthly goal and obtaining a report from your VA, will give you a better indication of where or what strategy needs to be implemented or tweaked. You could then measure your ROI and the progress by measuring likes, followers, retweets, mentions, and link-backs. But most important, conversion rates.

Social media profiles: To have a brand identity and be consistent on all platforms, you must keep a similar aesthetic on all your sites and media networks. Everything from your website, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other social platform you use. These need to be maintained and the company image needs to be uniform.

Marketing Ads: At times when you want to increase your reach, you will need to resort to paid ad campaigns. These ad campaigns can be created for different networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other platforms. Your VA can alleviate the hassle for you by creating the content, planning the content and targeting your ideal audience.

Perform a Competitive Analysis:  If you want to find out your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses, your Virtual Assistant can prove invaluable to you by keeping watch on the competition. This information can be invaluable by keeping you afloat of any industry trends, strategies and an upper hand on your competition.

Having a highly qualified Social Media Manager will ensure your business will be featured and showcased in a positive and authoritative manner. They will also be aware of social media trends and best practices for dealing with different social networks. Their job is to also ensure that no breaching of social media etiquette ever puts a business in an embarrassing and difficult situation to fix.

How to best work with your VA:

Set Clear goals: No matter how experienced a VA might be, they need to know what your short and long term goals are for your business. If you want them to set up ad campaigns, what direction do you want the campaign to take? These can be: educating clients about your products or services, building brand loyalty, client response on new offerings, etc. This will help the VA lay down a strategy and implement it.

Explain the business:  Your VA will need to understand your industry and your business, how it works, and who your ideal clients are. Only you are familiar with your business but you can mold or help your VA understand it by explaining your mission so they can then hone your voice seamlessly.

Give access to business tools:  Numerous management tools help maintain communication between you and your VA. Some, for example, are tools such as Slack, Monday or Trello. These help both parties share schedules, posts and other crucial information to keep both accountable.

Offer feedback and praise: As the entrepreneur, you will need to set some time aside to check the progress of your VA’s work to be sure you are obtaining the goals you both set. When certain goals have been reached, you can provide praise to your VA for a job well done and create new goals. Praise always helps boost anyone’s morale.

If any feedback, whether it’s good or bad, is necessary, do provide it immediately. This way your VA is aware and can change or continue doing what they’re doing. I for one, always prefer to be told if something needs to change or if I’m doing something right.


As long as we only have 24 hours in a day, be assured that we can’t add any more time to the clock. If you have been feeling a bit overwhelmed and wondering if there is any way to get everything done in your business, then know that you can outsource many of the daily tasks you currently handle to a VA.

One of them being, your social media management. Your Social Media Manager will be able to provide value by bringing leads and potential clients with their expertise and strategies. If you’ve been feeling drained or don’t want to deal with social media, then again, you can delegate this to a VA who specializes in social media. If you’ve been feeling the need to delegate, I offer a FREE 30-minute consultation, let’s talk.

What is one thing you outsource in your business? Or would like to?

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