What are you looking for my friend?

Are you looking for care or just a hype?

I can be a friend who scrolls and scrolls

Through your pictures and posts and deliberately hit Like.


If you want someone to talk to

Or a shoulder to cry on,

You already have my number,

So dial it now so we can move on.


Not knowing your pain or your daily worries,

Like a diary we post it and read it throughout.

Scrolling I search and hope to find news

That you are alive and you’re going about.


We come to our senses and notice these things,

Before in the days we would keep it a secret

And only tell those that were closest to us.

Now we post it all over on social media until we regret.


So, dear friend I ask you here, do you really need me

And want my advice or only keep scrolling to show that I care

And clicking that hand that looks like a thumbs-up

Or shall I ask you straight forward, as that I don’t dare?


Response to the Daily Prompt: Morphing