Easter has passed and soon we will be celebrating a planet that has gone through its ups and downs with all the environmental changes we as humans have generated. Below are a few blogger roundups from other bloggers that show us how and what they do with their kids to help them learn and at the same time celebrate our Earth.


What is Earth day?


According to Wikipedia,

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22. Worldwide, various events are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

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Here are a few fun and interesting activities from our roundup which a few of these posts include many more activities within the blog post:


If you want to create a worm compost, then visit Danielle’s blog at DIY Danielle to read how and what you need to do to create your own worm composting with your kids.


Another worm bin compost idea by Something 2 Offer:


DIY Crafts


A cute DIY activity you can do with your kids are these cute bumble bee garden stakes created by Lucy at Coffee With Us 3. Check out her post to get instructions on how you can create your very own bumble bee stake.


Want over 40 recycled craft ideas? Visit The Country Chic Cottage to get a list of 40+ craft ideas.


Another fun activity to do with kids using recycled items is by doing your own shrinky dinks. What are shrinky dinks? Check out As For Me and My Homestead:


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Here is a neat scavenger hunt idea by Mom on the Side


Here is a great way to get your kids excited to recycle by Something 2 Offer:




A great way to teach our children to care for our Earth is with everyday activities, such as using deodorant that’s friendly to the environment. Read about this at All She Cooks:



Learning Activities


Check out this blog post I wrote last Earth Day with 6 Amazing Ways to Teach Your Children About Earth Day:

6 Amazing Ways to Teach Your Children About Earth Day. Great curated list of awesome ideas for teaching our children to save our Earth.


Another great activity you can do with your kids is subscribing them to Green Kid Crafts. You can choose which plan you’d like for a monthly box to be sent to your home with lots of fun and creative activities, such as this Backyard Science box.


There are much more ways to teach our kids about recycling, reusing and reducing waste to help protect our Earth but these were just a few.

P.S. What special activities have you done with your little ones to help them learn how important it is to protect our Earth?



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