There are far too many reasons to believe, for we are here on this Earth.
We awake from our beds and take in a  breath of fresh air and see our loved ones awake.
We laugh, we cry and sometimes we sit still just listening to our hearts take a beat.
They say that there is always a rainbow after the storm and this is believe. No matter what challenges we face on our daily walks of life, there is always something positive at the end of the day. Whether it’s something big like a promotion at work or something small like receiving a compliment for a job well done (either at school, work or home).



Believe there is laughter in a child.
Believe there are tears in our eyes.
Believe we can explore our greatest strengths.
Believe we can smile.
Believe we can love and be loved.
Believe we are ALIVE.
Believe that God holds us by the hand.
Believe you have a purpose.
Believe that all will one day end.

In response to the Daily Post: Reason to Believe