Going clothing shopping doesn’t gratify me as much but this was for a very special occasion. This is what happened this weekend with my future sister-in-law as they will be embarking on this joyous celebration.

Read it in today’s headlines (maybe I took the Daily Prompt too literal: Ripped Into the Headline)

Guess who is getting married

Miss Exy is the bride to be to Mr. Sexy. The special day will be May 28, 2016 which is just around the corner. The bride to be and her three sisters-in-law (SIL) were seen at David’s Bridal Shop on far east of Chuck-O Town. There, all her SIL were gazing at all the pearly white dresses on the left and on the right of the 4,000 square foot building. Rows and rows of white’s, purples, and even gold colored dresses covered the squared room.

It seemed that they were looking for a dress for the bride, but after snapping a few shots with our camera’s and speaking to the bride-to-be, we confirmed that the dress shopping was for the bridesmaids. We were able to get an interview from the bride and here’s what she had to say to our questions:

How do you feel? What are your thoughts for this great day?

“I feel excited, emotional and a bit nervous.” Miss Exy said.

What are you looking for or is there a special theme for your wedding?

“Our theme is Great Gatsby since I fancy the 20’s fashion. It will be fun seeing all the bridesmaids and guests come together and dress up for the special event,” she stated.

Are you shopping for a special color dress for your bridesmaids?

“Today we are looking to see if we can find gold tones and/or dresses that have sequin on them. My preferred color would be gold but gold with black is okay by me for the ladies. I just want them to choose something they are comfortable wearing so not all will be wearing the same style dress but at least it will be a similar themed dress and color,”Miss Exy answered.

We took a few pictures of some of the dresses and accessories they were looking into.

Here is a dress that was being displayed at the dress shop:

Dress newspaper

The bride also told us that she would like for all her bridesmaids to adorn their hair with head pieces that have feathers, pearls or vintage rhinestones. Below are a few  embellishments that will complement the dresses and the lovely ladies that will be accompanying the bride:


feather pads.jpg

Off the bride and bridesmaids went to try on many beautiful dresses to boast on that special day.

Keep posted and make sure to buy the best newspaper in town, Confessions of a SAHM Daily Nespaper, on that day so you won’t miss the exclusive pictures that will be taken as we will be live from the event. Don’t miss out and stay tuned for our next issue.