Failure-Is your life a balancing act. Great tips for someone that has a lot of tasks at the same time. Especially for mommas.


There are days that we fail! Fail to be the best mom, best wife, best daughter or best sister. We have so many things on our plates that we even fail to prioritize.


After you have raised your voice because your kids didn’t put away their toys, or they didn’t get started on their homework, you feel that you have failed.


Sometimes I get too busy with my own workload that I put aside some of the other ten tasks I have to do. Being a work at home mom gives me the freedom to do as I please but it has its pros and cons. 

Have You Really Failed?

Your house might not be spic and span and pass the white glove test but you have a home where your children have food on their plate, clothes to wear and a bed to sleep in.


If you have just gotten to making lunch or dinner, you know that you cooked it with a loving heart. You are running from one place to the other to finish making the beds, putting away things that were out of place and I can go on, but you accomplished it. You finished and fed your children.


I remember when my single mother used to work and no one was home to receive me. I was the one that had to cook if leftovers weren’t available or take care of my siblings because she had to work.


Did she fail at being a parent? Of course NOT! She had to work to be able to provide for her kids. Did we as children understand that she had to leave so she could afford paying the gas, water, electricity and other home expenses? Not always.


Nowadays, more and more moms are becoming SAHMs or WAHMs. Men aren’t behind, there are many of them out there too! You just have to find balance and a routine. Plus help along the way! You can’t do it all. Believe me, I’ve tried!


You have NOT failed. Let me repeat that, YOU have NOT failed. You are balancing many balls in the air that sometimes one might fall to the ground but you just pick it up and continue forward.

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You haven’t failed at LOVING them. That should be your top priority and duty as a parent, even though we sometimes feel that we have failed them. 


Balancing Act

Life sometimes is a balancing act trying to check off items off your lists, finishing the loads of laundry, getting the kids ready for bed and other things that you have to do. Don’t raise the white flag just yet. Raise your hands and just ask God the almighty to guide you and give you the strength to keep going. Sometimes we forget that HE is there just waiting for us to call on him for help. Maybe just asking for more patience, someone that can help around the house or just asking for some positive vibes.


Here’s what I recommend to being able to balance too many balls:

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1. Set priorities and decide what will be your first item you have to do from the day and then follow through with it and go on to the next item. Confession time: I sometimes forget that I have to do certain tasks and find myself having to rush in the afternoon before my husband arrives to quickly finish up. It happens to the best of us, we get so tangled in the many daily tasks that we forget or just put aside things in order to finish something else.


2. Take a break every one or two hours of doing something for a long time. If you are working at home while sitting at your computer, make sure you take your eyes off the screen in order to rest your eyes. Look up at the nearest wall and just close your eyes for a while to not strain them. Taking a break can also help you regroup your thoughts and allow you to focus.


3. Do stretching exercises if you are on your computer for long periods of time and can’t take at least a five to 10 minute break. This will help avoid any problems like carpal-tunnel syndrome or any back pain. I usually try to stand and run to the laundry room and load the washer or dryer and then get back to work. I notice that when I have been sitting for long periods of time, my knees start hurting when I stand up.


4. Just relax. Sometimes we feel that we have to be super moms and have everything done at once. We need to realize that we don’t have hands like an octopus to juggle so many balls and need to just relax. It’s okay that you didn’t finish the laundry in one day or had the opportunity to clean out the refrigerator. Again, it’s okay. YOU. DIDN’T. FAIL!


So join me now and stop reading and stand up. Come on, don’t leave me standing here alone. Okay, now that you’re standing take deep breaths and just close your eyes and stretch your hands above your head and keep them there for five seconds. 5…4….3…2…1 Exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale. Ah, okay now lower your arms and continue inhaling and exhaling for a few times. Did that relax you a little? I hope it did. Because it did relax me. 


Remember, we can’t be productive without staying healthy ourselves. Set your priorities, take a break, do stretching exercises and RELAX. Like they say, God didn’t create this Earth in one day. If it took Him more than a day to finish his beautiful creation, then what can we expect? Don’t ever tell yourself you have failed, because you HAVEN’T. Motivate yourself to pursue your goal and reward yourself in the end!


Until next time! P.S. What are some ways that you motivate yourself to accomplish your goal? 


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