We all have different perspectives or definitions of being happy or happiness. What might make me happy might not make you happy. We all express happiness in many ways as well. As a WAHM myself, there are things that might motivate me to have a smile on my face.


The fact that I was able to dress my kids for school and send them off to school and not have their bus be missed, makes me VERY HAPPY!


As defined by dictionary.com happy means “the quality or state of being happy, good fortune, pleasure, contentment, and joy.”

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Why am I talking about happiness?

This Friday’s featured entrepreneur is someone that creates happiness for others with her creativity. Let’s meet our featured womanpreneur, Kelli.


Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Kelli Davis and I started a movement to spread happiness called The Happsters in 2013. Since then, the movement has grown to include over 90,000 people. I’m from San Diego, CA and love to learn, create and meet happy people.

Would you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert? Why?

I think I’m a bit of both! I love to go to parties and meet new people, but I also really appreciate my alone time and need that to recharge.


Tell us about your products/services? How did you come about this idea? How did you begin?

I just started making Happsters greeting cards. I love to do crafts and used to hand-make custom cards when I was younger.


I recently started a Happsters Birthday snail mail program in my private happiness group and thought “why buy cards to send, when I could make them myself?”


Once I started making them for myself, I decided to also put them up on Etsy for others to enjoy.

Did you have startup costs? What were your startup costs?

I started small and got small quantities of each card just to see how it goes. I think I’ve spent about $500 in total.

How long have you been in business? When did you start seeing income?

While I started the Happsters about 4 years ago, this is the first time I’m making it into any kind of business.


Did you have any bumps on the road at any time? How have you overcome setbacks?

It was hard to get into the paper goods space and knowing where to source my printing, what shipping materials to get, etc., but after a lot of research I figured it out!

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Did you self-teach, took courses or learned from someone else?

I self-taught and had help from Etsy Facebook groups I joined.

How do you come up with the many different pieces/services?

I have about 10 different types of cards I’m selling. I came up with them all based on what friends and I would buy ourselves.


For many that are thinking of becoming entrepreneurs, what advice would you give them?

Don’t quit your job until you’re confident you can make a living.

How do you balance work and life?

With a full-time job plus running the Happsters, it’s really important that I still have a life. I make sure I carve out time to be with my husband, friends and family whenever possible.


So as Kelli nicely put it on one of her cards above, to be happy “practice gratitude, celebrate life, live in the moment, laugh a lot, do every single fun thing you can think of on your birthday!”


Kelli has been so nice in providing FREE shipping to our readers. Get the code below and visit her Etsy shop to buy your greeting cards.


P.S. What makes you happy today and always? How do you practice gratitude? Share some things that have made you happy and still make you happy at the end of your day.


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