Feature Friday: Making Money with Agnes and Dora + Review and Interview. If you wish to stay at home and enjoy shopping for clothes, then this work at home opportunity is just for you. Read how this mom is able to make income with Agnes and Dora.


Being a mom doesn’t mean that you can’t be stylish and looking and feeling good about yourself. Yes, I confess that sometimes while at home, I’m in my yoga pants or PJ’s until I have to go run an errand or pick up my boys at school.


I sometimes just grab a pair of jeans and a shirt, and off I go.


I don’t have fancy clothes or expensive clothes for that matter. I’m someone who doesn’t really enjoy going out shopping. Please tell me I’m not the only one that doesn’t like to go to the malls or stores and shop for clothes. It’s not always that I don’t have time, but I won’t make time for this task.

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I know, what a party pooper!


It just seems so daunting having to go fight the crowds and especially when it’s too cold or too hot, Ha! That’s why when I heard of Facebook parties and shopping from the comfort of your home, I thought this was great.


I mean, I know that I can shop online for clothes, but it’s not the same as trying on the clothes and fitting properly.


I was sent a complimentary set of Agnes & Dora (non affiliate link) by Angela, whom we’ll be learning about next. Her A&D sisters were looking for collaborators in one of our Facebook groups and I thought, why not?


I had heard of this company but wasn’t sure what it was all about so I decided to put my name out there and was lucky to have been one of the chosen.


After I received my packet, I immediately opened it because I really wanted to check out what A&D was all about. I opened the cute rose bag and was greeted by patterned leggings and a solid blueish Dolman Tunic.


I’m still learning the names of the products. Oh, and also inside was a handwritten note by Angela, which I think was a nice gesture.


It was surprisingly a great combination, which I was afraid to get one that didn’t fit my style.

What I liked about the set was not only the style and look, but the feel was great too! The softness of this clothes is amazing. I couldn’t believe how soft and stretchy it is.

If I were to go back to when I was pregnant, I would’ve bought only these types of clothing. If you’re expecting, this is the perfect type of clothing since it’s super soft and stretchy. You could easily wear it with your baby bump and after you have your baby.  

I just wish I would’ve known about them years back!

The set includes this blue Dolman Tunic as mentioned before which has 3/4 sleeves and has a fitted waist for a versatile style. You could wear it in different ways and I was glad Angela sent me a picture of how to wear it and pair it with.

This is a great gesture to her customers. You don’t have to wear it only with leggings but also jeans, skirts, tucked in, or out.

I wore it just as it was sent to me with some booties which I should’ve worn black stockings. Oh well, it was cool outside so I thought this was perfect. The clothing is not only soft and stretchy but also great for upcoming Spring and Summer weather.

I just liked how the tunic hugs my hips and booty. 


I also paired it with pieces from my Chloe + Isabel boutique like the Monarch Convertible Pendant Necklace and the Bead + Ribbon Multi-Wrap Bracelet which also can be used as a necklace or choker.

Shameless plug here if you wish to shop my boutique for these pieces:


And now to meet Angela.


Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Angela Rose Wimbish. I am married to Robert, truly the nicest man I’ve ever met and we have two kids Michael (18) and Lillie (11). We have two rescue dogs, Skipper and Boo and one huge Goldendoodle named Major! We live in east Tennessee, at the foothills of the beautiful Smokey Mountains.

Would you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert? Why?

I always thought I was an extrovert because I was friendly and talkative, but I never could figure out why parties and such would completely drain me.
Then I started studying up on introverts and extroverts, and lo and behold! I’m an introvert! I definitely need time alone to recharge!

Tell us about your products/services? How did you come about this idea? How did you begin?

I am an independent representative for the Agnes & Dora clothing line. I was introduced to the clothes last summer by my friend who is a rep, and I fell head over heels in LOVE!
I didn’t even know that clothes existed that were so soft AND beautiful! After a few months of buying pretty much all I could get my hands on, I decided that something I was so passionate about was definitely worth my pursuit, so on 8/28/16 I opened my own A&D boutique out of my home!

Did you have startup costs?

Yes, we purchase our inventory at wholesale, then sell it at retail. I bought the smallest inventory kit, which was $2500. Plus miscellaneous expenses, such as hangers, shipping supplies, etc.

How long have you been in business? When did you start seeing income?

I’ve been doing this for about 5 months. I started generating income very quickly, but like with any new business, I do reinvest a good portion of my profits right now. My goal has been to build up my inventory as quickly as possible!

Did you have any bumps on the road at any time? How have you overcome setbacks?

I think the biggest obstacles I’ve faced have been self-inflicted. LOL. Such as a lack of organization and streamlining. I’m working on implementing systems that will alleviate a lot of busy work. It’s the busy work that really bogs me down!
Also, negative self-talk. It can be so toxic! I try to read motivational books and quotes and surround myself with the most positive people I can find!

How do you self-develop?

I’ve learned a lot from others, and I’m still learning! I like to read or listen to audio books about business and I try to do at least one self-development workshop per week. These things help me stay focused!
As far as the ins and outs of the day to day running of my boutique, I’ve done most of it on my own. What works for some doesn’t always work for others. So I’m kind of paving my own way!

How do you come up with the many different pieces/services?

I purchase my inventory from our headquarters. We get to choose the patterns and styles that we want to carry. I’ve tried to get to know my group and my regular customers really well.
Learn what they like and what they don’t. Sometimes I do polls in my Facebook group, that helps too. Then when new product comes out, I base my selections on feedback I’ve received from my group!

For many that are thinking of becoming entrepreneurs, what advice would you give them?

Don’t expect to make a profit the first month. Sales can be high, but start-up expenses can be also. Slow and steady wins the race!

How do you balance work and life?

LOL … I may be the very WORST person to ask! But seriously, recently I implemented office hours and I try REALLY hard to stick to them!
When you work out of your home and you love what you do, you can definitely have the tendency to over-work! Having business hours and sticking to them has made a HUGE difference!

Any additional comments or advice?

Study people who are successful in the area you’re looking to get in to. Watch everything they do, from how they interact on social media, to how they decorate their surroundings, every little detail.
Study them and their business and figure out how you can use some of their secrets, but add your own personal flair to it!


You don’t have to create or design your own products to make money from home, you can choose companies that meet your goals and expectations and go from there. Like Angela stated, “don’t expect to make a profit the first month” but do continue pursuing your goals and dreams.


Whether it’s making your own products or being a merchandiser or representative for a company that gives you the freedom to do with your business what you wish to.


Also, just want to give thanks to my sisters who helped with these photos. One was the photographer and the other was helping me pose as I’m not photogenic or a model.



P.S. Have you bought from Agnes & Dora? Do you prefer leggings or jeans/dress pants?

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