As a once, stay at home mom, I was anxious not having a paycheck after my corporate job relocated. I started looking into something I could do from home and went to search with my friend Google and searched for things I could do and make money.

(This post contains Affiliate Links which I will earn a small commission if you make a purchase. The views and opinions expressed on this site are purely my own.)

I started off with my creative side and made jewelry for adults and then making jewelry for kids but it got to the point where I was creating up until after midnight and was just exhausting and not spending much time with my boys.

I decided to put that to the side and started with my blog. I enjoy writing and interacting with other bloggers but thought I needed to use more of the skills and knowledge I have.

Not only did I want something where I could make money but something that I could enjoy doing. I already had lots of skills under my belt and then started reading about becoming a Virtual Assistant. I researched and researched and finally thought, “WHY NOT?!”

Why not me?!

I started reading blogs about how other women have used their prior skills in the corporate world and into working remotely for other small businesses.

Out of the many blogs I read and researched, I have learned so much from these ladies, Gina, Regina and recently with Laura.

What Services Can You Offer

I continued following my dream and joining different Facebook groups to help me understand more of what a VA does and how to get started. Gina offered an Ebook with 150+ VA Services you can offer as a VA.

Check out the Ebook in the link above or click the image below to be taken to Gina’s FREE list of services to give you ideas and see what skills you already have that will allow you to market yourself as a Virtual Assistant.

150 Services you can offer as a Virtual Assistant.

If you enjoy managing and organizing emails, you might be great at doing Email Management for clients. If you love to book flights, you could help a busy entrepreneur with booking their own flights or events.

If Social Media is your jam, you could become a Social Media Manager where you can create social platforms and manage your client’s platforms.

There are so many possibilities with the skills you already have but you need to know who or what you would like to focus on.

Don’t try to do everything at once because you will get overwhelmed.

To avoid this, you could either Google and watch YouTube videos all day long to see what others are doing or you could take a few courses to guide you into becoming a Work at Home Mom as a Virtual Assistant. But what courses should you take?

Recommended Courses

I’ve seen a few courses out there that might cost an arm and a leg but remember, you are not spending money but investing in yourself and your business.

If you are really interested in working from home, it’s like everything, you have to continue learning and educating yourself in order to gain knowledge of what it takes to become a VA.

Especially if you’ve never worked remotely or owned your own business.

If you have been searching, here are a few courses that I recommend.

These aren’t in any particular order, except price wise:

The least expensive but very valuable course or membership is Regina’s VA 101 Membership.

She offers a FREE Course, so you can get your feet wet and learn How to Become a Virtual Assistant in 9 Easty Steps. Which was mentioned on her previous post where I featured her here on my blog.

However, if you feel like learning more in-depth and get monthly courses, she offers a paid membership which includes all of the items below:

  • A Private Facebook Group
  • Opportunity to Ask Her Anything via Messenger or Schedule a 1:1
  • Accountability Threads
  • Live Group Calls Every Month
  • Exclusive Monthly Training and Resources
  • Guest Experts
  • Blogs, Social Media Graphics, and Updates

What I love about the membership is that you get different monthly pieces of training and guest experts that talk about their experience and have that opportunity to ask them anything you want.

Plus, Regina pours her heart out by providing swipe files, social media graphics that you can just add your logo to and share as your own, she also does a Live Monday Motivation to help you stay positive and encouraged.

As of this writing, Regina just launched her General VA Course called “How to Become a Virtual Assistant with Little or No Skills.”

In this course you will learn:

  • How to have a positive mindset before you get started
  • Why niches are important and how to define yours
  • The nine steps it takes to get started as a virtual assistant
  • How to use Google Voice and LastPass in your business
  • How to manage your client’s calendar and inbox
  • How to upload blog posts into WordPress and Squarespace
  • How to provide customer service to clients
  • How to set up social media accounts
  • Training in MS Word, Excel Powerpoint, Mailchimp, Office 365, Trello, and Convertkit
  • How to conduct a discovery call
  • Bonuses to help you find clients, sample proposal, sample service list and other resources

Now, you might not be looking to leave work behind like me. But I’m guessing you’re reading this because you:

  • Want to start your own side hustle.
  • Bring extra income to your household.
  • Or take your current freelance business to the next level.

The other course you can take is by Laura, Owner of Elite Virtual Assistants. She started as a VA and then built her Virtual Assistant Agency.

This course is called The VA School, which only opens a couple of times a year. As of the writing of this post, the course is closed but check it out to get on the waitlist for the next open enrollment.

In this course, she teaches how to launch and grow your VA business. So if you’re just starting out and don’t know what steps to take, she goes in-depth from step 1 to closing your first client.

So, if you’ve been thinking of becoming a VA, these are some of the courses you can look at and check out for yourself to see if they fit your needs.

Facebook Groups to Join

One thing that many VA’s recommend, is joining different VA groups to get a sense of community and ask questions. One thing that I really missed after I left the corporate world was the community and some of the social aspects of working with others around you.

Being at home with no one to talk to can get a little boring. By joining these groups, you get a sense of hanging out with other peers just like you and even find your first client in one of them. That’s how I got my very first non-friend or family member client.

I would also suggest joining groups where you know your ideal client will be in. That’s another step you will learn in the courses above. Getting to niche down to who you want to serve. Download the resource PDF to give you all the Facebook Groups I recommend here. Or you can click the image below to take you to the sign-up page.


These are some of the first steps you can do to learn more about what a Virtual Assistant does and use all the transferrable skills you already have. So grab Gina’s list of tasks you can possibly help a business owner with and you will see that you already have those skills under your belt.

If you aren’t sure of becoming a VA, sign up for the FREE VA course offered by Regina to give you an insight of what VA’s do.

Then, once you have decided you want to go into the VA world, sign up for one or both of the courses above to get you on your VA journey. There are a lot more steps than the ones I mentioned, but check out the courses and I will be providing an insight as to how I began with my VA journey on a later post.

Are you currently a Virtual Assistant or Virtual Nomad working from home?

(This post contains Affiliate Links which I will earn a small commission if you make a purchase. The views and opinions expressed on this site are purely my own.)

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