Today I arose from my warm comfortable fluffy bed. Put on my snug slippers and walked across the room into the hallway and into my boys’ room. I went to awake them and get them ready for school. Nice and warm was the walk as the heater from the house resounded as it turned on.

I flipped the switch on and the brightness of the light emitting into my eyes caused me to squint as the brightness caused my dilated pupils to shrink as if not welcoming the light. There I stood watching how their bodies rose and deflated after each breath they took.


Ah, a sigh of relief came from within me after seeing they are alive and peacefully sleeping all warm in their pajamas and plumped beds.

Kisses and tickles is what I gave them to try to awake them. Gradually and assuredly they woke up smiling and giggling as their tiny narrow eyes tried to expand. After getting ready for school and brushing their teeth with lukewarm water splashing their faces and combing their hair, I hurried on to the hallway closet to get on their jackets.

I watched them silently and seeing their smiley faces and squeezing me tightly before their goodbyes. Thinking within me, God please watch their steps as there is so much bad in this world but I know you will surround them with your love and your care, as if I were there. Off they went on this chilly day to learn ABCs and 123s.



When I read today’s prompt and thought for a while, one luxury item I can afford, what could it be? Seeing I have a roof over my head, a bed I can sleep in and healthy children and spouse, what else can I ask for if I have it all?

In response to the Daily Prompt: Keeping up with the Jones’