Just Shoot. A great article on wanting to do what you like and inspires you. Great photography lesson for those learning photography. Great tips!

Love and enjoy learning each and every day. From reading fiction books and non fiction, there is a story unfolding daily in our own lives. Last Friday my sister and I enrolled in a photography class. Although, we missed the first class since we had just seen it and didn’t get to enroll when it started we still went for it. Learning how to take those breathtaking photos that professional photographers take and make a story from them is one of my goals.

No, it wasn’t one of my goals when I started out the year but as I got into blogging and weekly photo challenges, it was doubtlessly calling my name. Hopeful to learn the techniques and all about ISO, aperture and shutter speeds as the class and shooting practices progress.

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For those that know nothing about what I just mentioned above, don’t worry as I’m still learning. Briefly here is what I’ve learned so far from the class and the book below:

ISO-the camera’s sensitivity to light.

Aperture-affects depth of field.

Shutter speeds-control the appearance of motion within a photo.

A lot to learn so I won’t get in depth with the terminology as I’m still learning this myself, but once I do, I will keep you posted.

I’ve been reading this book Tony Northrup’s DSLR Book: How to Create Stunning Digital Photography to learn more about taking digital photos and so far I’ve been learning a lot. I highly recommend it as it not only gives you text to read but also the digital version of the book which includes many videos that let you see how to do certain techniques if you are a visual learner like me.

Check it out if you want some pointers on taking photos or better your techniques if you are a newbie like myself.

Anyhow, this is just an update on some of the learning I am currently doing. Hope to get better at taking photos.

Well, compare the photo above which I took today with my Canon camera to this photo in the post submitted a while ago which I took with my cell phone, I think I did alright (by the way, it was snowing so I had to cover the camera with a plastic bag so it wouldn’t get wet, Ha). Then again, we’re comparing apples to oranges since one picture was taken with a cell phone and the other with a camera. Oh well, you get the idea.

Anyhow, taking this course brought great satisfaction to myself and helped release some of the week’s daily strain. From being alone at home when the children are in school and hubby at work, this allowed me time to interact with others that have similar interests. If you feel that you need to interact with others or learn something that will give you a sens of accomplishment, consider taking a photography course. You will use what you learn and not be a waste of your time as this will help with your own family photos or events in your lifetime. 

So, what are you learning or want to learn, whether it’s crafting, building or cooking something? Comment below. Oh, and if you are a photographer and have any pointers or helpful tips, by all means please share in the comments below.

Just Shoot. A great article on wanting to do what you like and inspires you. Great photography lesson for those learning photography. Great tips!