My Little Explorers. We decided to embark on a journey out to the West of Texas, Fabens to be exact. We hadn’t been there for the longest time plus when we had gone, it was only to eat and we didn’t have our two energetic boys.


“Mommy, daddy, I want to see the animals, please let’s go,” pleaded my son a couple of Saturdays ago.


We decided to embark on a journey out to the West of Texas, Fabens to be exact. We hadn’t been there for the longest time plus when we had gone, it was only to eat and we didn’t have our two energetic boys.


After spending some time on the road, I could finally see the western hideaway. Keep in mind that to get there, there is a long stretch of road with plenty of desert scenery. From roadrunners to cacti, this you will see.


When you arrive to this western style ranch, you will be welcomed by a glistening lake and three tepees on your right side.



As you proceed towards the back of the road heading to the main building, you can enjoy the lake and its extensive mirror-like reflections.


After going up the small hills and into the parking lot, you will be greeted by personnel guiding you to a parking space.

Finally, you have arrived to Cattleman’s Steakhouse and Indian Cliff’s Ranch

entrance cattlemans

Let the excursion begin!


As you proceed to the entrance, you can already observe the western style touches. From the wagon wheels decorating the adjacent wall, to the wooden barrels.



As you enter, there is a modest sized exhibit of western artifacts enclosed by glass to the left. Above you, you will encounter a wooden filled ceiling as the thin beams are aligned laterally and horizontally forming a blanket above you.


When you go in and sign in to be seated, you may head outside to meet the wildlife. Your little ones will really enjoy the experience of seeing the animals up close and even feeding them, as in this photo of my boys in this previous post.


The Wildlife Adventure

From rabbits to horses and even llamas, you and your kids will enjoy the experience. Lucky for us we went when it was not too cold or hot, the weather was just perfect for this adventure. There is some walking involved to go on the excursion in the various trails available for you and your little explorers.


While on the trails, you can get lost in either of the two mazes in the ranch. Trying to get out of the mazes is just the fun my boys needed, and ourselves of course! It was such a joy seeing their their joyful expressions, and their, “oh look mommy, the horse!” From counting to naming the animals, it was such a great learning experience as well.


Not only are there animals in sight but there is also a playground for your little pioneers to scamper around. This will sure get your little ones a bit tired and settled down, or not since they have an excess amount of energy. Once you have walked the trails, played around and explored with the animals, you are now ready and anxious to grab a bite and a drink.


Down to the Grub

Once back inside, you will find a variety of seating areas which are decorated according to their name. We sat in the Saddle Room and as the name implies, there were many saddles around the room. There is also a gift shop if you would like to purchase a small piece of the western jewelry for you or a keepsake for a loved one.



Not only were there saddles but we were seated by this first window to the right of the peacocks in this picture so we were able to witness the outlandish view of the peacocks going about their day and the desert views in the horizon. Just perfect for our little ones to sit still and enjoy the views.


Whether you are a meat eater or vegetarian, you can savor the delicate cuts of meat or the succulent lobster tails. Just writing this is making me hungry! After enjoying our meal we were ready to embark on our journey back home. Granted, we were all excited to have been here but anxious to go home and rest.


So, if you are ever on this side of the country, don’t forget to make this a destination on your agenda. Great place for the entire family.


Below are more photos to enjoy of this great location, just click on the arrows. Until next time!


Happy Venturing!


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