Being a first-time mom can be overwhelming! From having to know: What to expect while pregnant? How does it feel when your water breaks? What does a contraction really feel like?


No one can really explain it in words until you ACTUALLY experience this yourself. At least that’s how I felt when it happened to me after so many moms told me their experiences.


One thing no one mentioned was what exactly to take in my hospital bag. And I didn’t really research this myself either. I thought I could wing it on my own.

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So, what should you expect when you’re about to have your baby and what are the essentials you need to take to the hospital?


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Be Prepared

Your baby will be tiny, at least mine was at 5 lbs 6 oz, since he was born a month before his due date. Knowing this, you should have your bags ready at least about a month before your due date.


Your baby will need appropriate clothing. Of course, it all depends on the size of your baby. After having a couple of baby showers for my son, we realized that we didn’t get any newborn clothing as gifts. All clothing was from 3 months and up. ZERO newborn sizes!


We didn’t have a chance to go shopping for clothing since he came ahead of schedule. His second baby shower was on a Saturday, two days before he decided to make his entry (or exit).


When he decided to “break out of the shell”, it was midnight!


Were we prepared?





I hadn’t made his or my bag! Thankfully, I have an amazing husband that immediately rushed to the closet to grab a diaper bag for the baby and a bag for me after I woke him up with the surprise that my water broke.


Good thing we had already washed all the baby’s clothes and had it neatly put away in drawers and hangers according to size. Therefore, he was able to grab clothes that we thought would fit the baby best.


When I look back to that day, I crack up because it was as if someone had given him an energy drink. He was zooming from left to right, opening drawers and putting clothes in the bags, sweating from the rush and asking which shirts and sweatpants to put in my bag…it was just hilarious!  


Me? I was as calm as a turtle. Taking my sweet time and even getting into the shower and grooming, if you know what I mean.


Fast forward from the nitty gritty and 17 hours later of epidural-free labor, as I’m sure you don’t want to envision this part, we had our baby boy. As much as I wanted it to be a drug-free and natural birth, unfortunately, I had to have a C-section. So even if you have a birthing plan, be prepared for Plan B.


Now that time has passed and I look back to that night, I wish I would’ve read more about what needs to be done to be “prepared” for delivery and what to take for you and baby.



But don’t be like me and forget to pack your bags. Grab a printable version of the essentials here:

Okay, getting to the good stuff, here are some of the essentials for your bag and baby’s bag:


Mom’s Hospital Bag:


[   ] Comfortable Clothing

___ 1-2 sweat pants/shorts (depending on the season)

___ 1-2 loose sweatshirts/shirts (boobs might be sensitive/sore)

___ Nursing bras (depending if you will breastfeed or not)

___ Maternity/granny panties (the hospital may provide some mesh ones–just take your own)


[   ] Lip Balm– if you wear makeup or lip gloss (lips might get chapped from all the huffing and puffing or from the temperature of the hospital)


[   ] Footwear

___ Socks (ones you don’t mind getting dirty and are non-slippery as you might walk barefoot in the halls, plus will keep your feet warm)

___ Slippers (if you don’t want to walk in socks)

___ Comfortable flats (once you leave the hospital if you don’t want to walk out in slippers)


[   ] Toiletries

___ Comb/brush (you might want to comb your hair afterwards)

___ Shampoo/conditioner/soap (travel size is best for packing in bag)

___ Ponytail scrunchie/headband (to hold your hair back)

___ Loofah/wash towel (for the obvious)

___ Toothbrush/toothpaste

___ Deodorant

___ Lotion

___ Eyeglasses/contact lenses/lense solution

___ Heavy flow sanitary pads (the hospital may provide these-monstrous size)

___ Nursing pads (to avoid leak stains)

___ Soothing ointment for nipples (nipples might crack or get sore-BELIEVE me, this is one thing I forgot)


[   ] Electronics

___ Cell phone (to let family/friends know of the birth-post on social media if you must)

___ Cell phone charger

___ Camera (in case cell phone pictures aren’t enough)

___ Fully charged camera battery/SD card

___ Breast pump (depending if you will breastfeed or not)


Baby’s Hospital Bag:


[   ] Comfortable Clothing

___ A photo outfit (I didn’t know someone would come in to take pictures of us)

___ A coming home outfit

___ Soft stretchy socks


[   ] Approved Child Safety Seat-make sure you read the manual on how to install it and check that it’s not on any recall lists.

[   ] Weather appropriate items

___ A warm blanket if it’s cold season or thin swaddle blankets

___ A soft beanie to protect baby’s head from the weather (especially if you don’t want the hospital one)

___ Umbrella in case it’s raining or too sunny



Be ready ahead of time and don’t be like me, rushing to get everything packed the day of the delivery.


P.S. Were you ready for your delivery? If you’re expecting, do you already have a bag ready for you and baby?


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