Set her free. This is an encouraging post that helps you realize how perfect you really are as a woman. Sometimes this is what we need. Loved the poem!

Today I’m writing in response to the Daily Prompt: Can’t Stand Me. This prompt made me smile and remember when my dad used to film us when we were little. All the funny and crazy things we would do without a care in the world. We used to watch those VHS cassettes while growing up and just point and laugh at each other because we were such klutzy kids.

The Little Girl

Anyway, to answer the question of what I find unbearable about me, is listening to a recording of myself. Up to this date every time I hear my voice, whether it be on a recorded line by phone or on video, it just makes me feel awkward. As if it’s not me speaking and it’s a little girl who has not yet matured.

The Voice

When hearing her voice, there is this sense of insecurity and of being afraid to speak. Maybe it’s an exaggeration but there is this wish of resonating confidence and feeling more secure. Setting her free and helping her realize that she is a grown beautiful woman who has flourished and the thorns inside her have vanished. Just let her know that:


She is comfort.

She is confident.

She is secure.

She is perfect just the way she is.


Set Her Free

If you are going through a tough time right now, know that it will all pass and you will thrive. Sometimes as women, we feel as if we haven’t done enough or feel insecure about ourselves. We are so overwhelmed by the day in and out of our families that we forget that we help bring everything together.

It doesn’t matter if our home is not sparkly clean, children not wearing pressed clothes or not having dinner set on the table as soon as they get home. What matters is that our home is what makes us who we are, PERFECT! Yes, they say no one is perfect but you are perfect the way you are. We always seem to look for those imperfections and are so critical on ourselves that we are our greatest enemies.

I encourage you to take all that out of your head and realize that YOU are comfort. Comfort to your children, your pets, your spouse, your neighbor and so should be comforting yourself too! Be wise in how you speak to yourself because you will listen to that voice. Be positive and encouraging to yourself and seek those that encourage you. And remember to set HER free!


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