So it begins..the Journey. Great post for those transitioning from working out of the home to being a SAHM. Great perspective.


As you saw on my About page, my name is Gloria.  As many of you know, being married is sometimes a struggle. It has its ups and downs. For my husband and I, we met at work. The reason for this story is that I used to have a job, not a typical Monday through Friday kind of job but where I used to commute to work.

After having worked for this Fortune 500 insurance company for almost 13 years, they decided to relocate to other cities. Yes, leaving me without a job. Although, they did offer me my same position to relocate to another city and great relocation benefits, I decided that this was not the best choice for my family and I, so I chose to stay.

Hence, leaving me a stay at home mom (SAHM). When I realized that I was going to be left jobless I thought this would be a great opportunity to stay with my little ones since I had just had my youngest and wanted to be there at all times. At first it was nice not having to wake up at 4:30 in the morning to get dressed to go to my office job or put on the high heels to look a little taller, I’m only 5’ 1”.

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After the days went by, I realized that I was feeling a little depressed and impractical. I hope I’m not the only one that feels this. Doing the loads of laundry, making beds, doing dishes and picking up after my kids seemed exhausting and overwhelming. Also, not being able to use my intelligence became challenging.

While I was working at the insurance company, I had been working on a hobby of mine, jewelry making. This started as a hobby and later became a side job which brought in some income. I would make jewelry after my boys would go to bed so that I could concentrate on the creativity side of it and spend time with my little ones while they were awake. After some time, I decided that I would much rather provide the supplies for other creative minds out there and become a supplier instead.

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I have an Etsy shop set up where I sell my supplies to other crafters. If you have bought from me before, you know that I try my best to send packages ASAP. So besides juggling my duties as a mother and wife, I also pride myself to sell crafting supplies to make your beautiful creations. Well, now this is not the only thing I do as a SAHM but stay tuned to find out more about my wild life in the upcoming posts. Welcome again and be sure to follow me on my Facebook page.


P.S. Did you have some of the same feelings I had when you transitioned from the working environment to being a SAHM? What helped you make it easy to transition?

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So it begins..the Journey. Great post for those transitioning from working out of the home to being a SAHM. Great perspective.

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