Today’s prompt states:

You’ve been asked to speak at your high school alma mater — about the path of life. (Whoa.) Draft the speech.

“Fellow Eagles, today is a very special and sentimental day for me as I stand here in front of you thinking that at one time I was in your seat listening to someone else’s speech. At that moment I didn’t realize that my entire life would be different and come with great responsibilities.

Not only was I about to endure the tasks that either make us or break us. Yet, we don’t realize that everything is much simpler when we are with friends, great teachers and even some of the bullies that poked fun at us. Those were only there to make you stronger. Yes, I laughed and cried secretly when someone called me four eyes or stuck their tongue out at me when I was in elementary, true story.

But, no matter what anyone told you, no matter what anyone did to you, YOU are here because you have succeeded and made a great accomplishment. You, my fellow Eagles will soar above everyone else that has chosen the easy way out and have dropped out of school before graduating high school.

Maybe they had a rough time in school or in their home but no matter what comes at you, keep pushing forward! Take no shame if sometimes you wanted to throw in the towel and give up, we have all been there. If you thought your high school life was difficult, wait until you hit the ground running out there in the real world. No one is going to put up with smart remarks, tardiness, or even name calling. Not in college, not at your job and especially not in MARRIAGE. Which that is another horror story, just joking!”

Turning to spouse in the audience and saying, “honey I love you, everything is a bed of roses with you.”

Audience is heard chuckling.

“Getting back to what I was saying. Life really is a roller coaster and never know what turn, curve or twirl is coming up unless you have previously ridden that ride before. If you’re like me, I don’t enjoy roller coasters and by all means, don’t enjoy some of the curve balls thrown at me by life. I choose to dodge those curve balls or get my bat and hit a home run but don’t allow them to throw me off balance.

Today, I come in front of all of you to push you to commence this new life ahead of you. Do not stop now and continue on off to college and make all the effort you can to get your bachelor’s, master’s, and even your doctoral degree. As you heard, I didn’t say to get your associate’s degree. You all are better than that and will succeed in getting past the associate’s and achieving a bachelor’s degree or higher.

They do say that whether you think you will succeed or fail, you’re right. So make sure that in your thoughts you are believing in yourself enough to say you will achieve VICTORY! Once we broke out of our shells and matured enough, we ascended onto the edge of the nest, spread our wings and launched into the abyss by intuition without thinking if we were going to soar or hit the floor. Being an eagle myself, I know we eagles don’t give up and will be victorious and fly HIGH!”

Applauds are heard hastily echoing between the four walls of the venue. People cheering and shouting, “Eagles, Eagles, Eagles!”

“Thank you but those are for you, because you are here and have not finished the marathon. You are just beginning the race! So go on out and get ready to face the real world and get in race position so once that gun goes off, you are prepared for take off!

I leave you with this to make you think, no matter what you aim for, make sure it is farther than you. Like they say aim high. Think of this, if you have a firecracker in your hand, you won’t throw it right in front of you because it will inflict pain, but you will set it far away as possible from you and once it pops, you will be able to enjoy the brightness in its vivid beautiful colors and not be concerned if it will hurt you.

So live life to its fullest potential and as I always say, LIVE. LAUGH. LOVE. For you never know when the finish line will approach. GO EAGLES!!”

While she fist pumps, she proceeds to the steps down the stage.

The audience stands in ovation and starts cheering and the roaring applauds continue.

Aim Higher
In response to the Daily Post: Alma Mater