Solitude Haiku Poem


Solitude has many synonyms: emptiness, isolation, seclusion, silence etc.


As a parent, sometimes you have your children and spouse around but still feel an emptiness inside.


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You have your emotions going off the chart of life. Tears drowning you inside with no oxygen to fill your lungs.


All you have to do is rise above all your personal demons, from self bad talk, low self-esteem, or not feeling proud of yourself.




Believe that you are all that and more! Believe that no matter what happens, you will keep moving forward.


Only you have the power to uplift your soul! Look deep inside at what your fears are attacking and slash them with your POSITIVE sword. Melt them with your fiery eyes! 

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Stimulate that cheery person within you and make her shine.


Remember, only YOU have the power to surpass those tribulations of feeling isolated and imperfect. For the one that is watching you on the other side of the mirror is none other than YOU. 


Solitude, no more.

For it is only today.

Tomorrow it’s gone!


Solitude Haiku Poem

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