Although sometimes he’s not my favorite person, most of the days he is. He had a job where travel was required most of the time and off he would go and I’d stay behind. The night before his required travel date, he’d be folding and packing and traveled light. I can’t recall where he had to go as there were quite a few trips he took that year.

But this time it was going to be for two weeks. It was the LONGEST two weeks EVER!! The good thing is that back then I was commuting to work so I had that distraction. At nights is when it would hit me, sadness. Just being alone at home without him made me feel down and gloomy.

In spite of his absence, I tried my best to keep myself occupied and not think much about solitude. I would listen to soft piano music in order to fall asleep quicker or read a book.  There were times he would call me or I would call him just to wish him good night or talk a few minutes about our day.

Day after day the time lingered making it seem an eternity. The time then approached to when he was about to come back home and my heart would start pumping and feel jittery about his arrival. Getting home after work and the sun dying down, I waited for the much anticipated homecoming.

Almost close to midnight, I was wide awake all cozy and shielded by the bed sheets waiting for the rumbling of the garage door. Instead, there was the buzzing of my phone; it was him. Letting me know the flight was delayed. Oh, what a BUMMER! He would arrive until the following day. Off I went to sleep with sadness in my heart but glad he was closer to home.

The following day was a Saturday, so off from work I was. Surprisingly, I woke up bright and early to start off on some chores and without a warning I heard the garage door opening. YES! He finally arrived, my hubby was home.


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