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My favorite routine every morning is being able to see my boys asleep and having to wake them up. Sometimes they beat me and are awake before I can even try to wake them. I say try because sometimes it is a losing battle for me since they don’t want to get up, especially the youngest.


Sometimes it’s as if I’m dressing a lifeless doll, since he is still half asleep as I’m dressing him. Having to put on his clothes and almost arm wrestling with him to pull up his pants and tucking in his shirt is an everyday journey. I stand him up and he just becomes a strand of spaghetti and falls back onto the bed. Sometimes he just falls on my shoulders and lays his little head and wants comfort. Love that feeling of just wanting to be hugged and feel the warmth.


My oldest dresses himself already but sometimes I just need to give him a little push as he gets stubborn at times and doesn’t want to get dressed. Playing pretend with him helps at times and just telling him that I’m his teacher and he is the student in order for him to say “yes teacher,” and start getting dressed.


Once we have passed that battleground, off we go to the kitchen to make them oatmeal and get a glass of milk. The oldest is great about eating while the youngest is still half asleep. Afterward, we head to the bathroom to brush teeth, wash faces and comb their hair.

Off They Go

We then wait for my youngest son’s bus to arrive and we all walk him out and onto the bus and back inside. After five to 10 minutes we head out again to walk to my oldest son’s bus stop to wait for his bus to arrive. While walking to the bus stop I constantly let my son know that he needs to behave and listen to his teacher since he enjoys playing rather than sit still and do work. Also, just to enjoy his day and oh not to forget his jacket since he seems to forget it at times.

Once his bus arrives, I wait for him to sit and wave goodbye to me. Now that both are off to school and I love yous and goodbyes have been shared, off I go home alone to do my non-essential chores and log in to do my work from home.

P.S. Found this image on Pinterest and it is SO true! It happens EVERY weekend, it’s as if they know it’s the weekend. Just one more hour please!! What do you do to wake up your kids during school days?

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