Children can sometimes be mean and I realized this was no dream. There I was in fourth grade about to realize what was my disguise.


Feeling energized by every step I would take, running, joking and playing pretend. Those were things I enjoyed on that sunny day.


There she was, wearing a pink hat, wondering what she could do and not feel like a fool. Shouting and screaming, “give me my hat!”


I ceased in my footsteps and saw with despair, what should I do as this was not fair?


Quickly I rushed to this young one who seemed scared and tired, there I stood thinking and then got inspired, shouting I said, “leave her alone and give her her hat!”


The boys joked and pointed since she was bald but I didn’t think bad as this was no joke and cancer doesn’t take sides and only takes time.


Assuredly they returned it and continued on, leaving me with her with a sigh of relief. I didn’t understand then what was going on until years later I learned she was gone.


In response to daily prompt: Unpopular