There are times when I feel alone and overwhelmed especially when I don’t know the answer. Having worked for a long time in the insurance business, I learned a lot. After that opportunity was gone, I had other jobs here and there of which I couldn’t put my finger on them. They just didn’t seem right for me or didn’t make me feel accomplished.

I work best when I am taught and not just thrown to the lions. I appreciate training and a sign of instruction. Children learn by watching, hearing and doing and so do I. Actually, maybe we all do. So for someone to just say do it, don’t expect a great outcome.

When there are more chiefs than Indians, there usually isn’t a good result in regards to business. There were a few times when I felt like I was just thrown in that hole full of lions ready to devour me. It just felt hopeless and I felt afraid. Afraid of messing something up, afraid I was not good enough and afraid I was not doing what was precise. But there I was like Daniel from the story in the Bible, believing I am worthy and shouldn’t put up with feeling unaccomplished.


I rose from the hole and continued on to different endeavors. Now, feeling good about myself and my gift of interpretation. I am a Spanish/English interpreter.

In response to the Daily Prompt: Sink or Swim