Tis the season to be Jolly: 5 things you could do if you're not. This time of year, many are feeling blue, read this article to find out what you can do.


As the song says, but are you really jolly or feeling blue? Around this time of the year is when some people feel very cheerful and blissful while others feel down and sometimes even depressed. It is a time when all the holidays seem to have crept over us and poked us on the shoulder as if saying, “we’re here!”

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Sometimes the holidays feel as if your best friend came over and you have lots to talk about and are excited to see each other and just don’t want the day to end.


But, sometimes it feels as if your dear mother-in-law, who only comes to see how well your house is kept or if you are treating her son well, and you just want the day to end and have her go home. Well, this is only true if you really don’t esteem your mother-in-law. You get the gist of what I’m trying to say.


If you are feeling that the holiday blues are getting the best of you, here are five steps to beat it:

  1. Connect with your support group

We all have someone we enjoy talking to or getting together with, so why not call them up? Even if it is to go grab a cup of coffee or tea and just enjoy a good ole’ conversation between friends.



Talk about your inner thoughts and what plans you have for the upcoming year. Try to set up resolutions if you are a resolutions kind of person. Or if not, then set up a plan for the new year. This will help you foresee your goals and help you get excited about new ideas and adventures.


Support Group


  1. Plan an exercise routine

If you don’t already have one, set up an exercise routine or a membership at your nearest gym. This will not only help you get distracted by all the holiday perceptions, but also help you with feeling better about yourself.


With all the eating that comes with the holidays plus binges because you’re feeling down, might have added a few pounds to yourself that might add to your frustration and depression.


I for one haven’t gotten on the scale to check how much I have gained. But don’t let this get to you and try your best to get into a great workout routine. Whether it be at a gym, Zumba class or any other exercise plan, make sure to do it even if you don’t feel like it.


Chloe and Isabel


You can do routines at home while watching exercise videos but it would be great to interact with others. You never know what you can learn from them.


Even if you go out and walk around the neighborhood with a neighbor/friend and just get out of your comfort zone and take a deep breath of fresh air. Or go hiking and get into one with nature.


Plus, once you see the fruit of your sowing, you will feel even better about YOU.

Elephant Mt


  1. Stay away from social media

Have you noticed all the holiday pictures while scrolling down on Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, Google+ etc? There are so many social spaces nowadays that I just can’t name them all, but you seem to get inundated with pictures and posts left and right that sometimes makes you feel overwhelmed!


Cut the chains from them and say, “NO MORE!” If you are already feeling anxious and irritated, DON’T turn to social media for coping.


Many of your social friends might post pictures of their family vacations, snowman building with their children or that nice new car with a big bright red bow on top which might add to your melancholy.


You might feel a bit jealous or even more frustrated because they are having such a fun time and you’re not. Just disconnect yourself from what will cause you sadness and instead like I mentioned on the first point, call up a good friend and chat instead.


At least you will feel happy to hear that a good friend is having a positive outcome than seeing all those people you probably don’t even talk to in person. Be happy for your loved ones and try to stay connected with them instead.


Social Media


  1. Change your attitude

Although it is easier said than done, you can change the way you feel. Only you can determine how you feel. You can find happiness at the end of the rainbow, so to speak. The holidays will soon pass and life will go on, so will you.


Do it for yourself and if you have others that depend on you, do it for them as well. Sometimes it is easy to just want to give up and not want to get up and keep moving forward. Make to do lists of things you want to accomplish for that day or week so you can feel great once you check them off your list.


Maybe reading one chapter from your favorite book, walking a block around your neighborhood or working on your favorite hobby.


Be Positive


  1. Give unto others

This point made me remember when I was in college, it made me remember the pyramid called Maslow’s hierarchy of needs which is a theory of how the human is motivated in different stages.


The stage at the very top is self-actualization which one example of this is the desire to give to the world. Giving sometimes helps us feel better about ourselves. Whether it be giving funds to a charity that you support or volunteering at a local shelter, gives that sense of worthiness.


If you are a dog lover, then donate or volunteer at your local animal shelter. If you enjoy reading, go to a local children’s school or library to read to children. These are just a few examples of what can be done to eliminate those holiday blues.


Happy Puppy


Finally, just realize that you are alive and breathing and that a new year is about to come. Yes, some things in life are inevitable but we must go on.



We are all running a race and we must reach the finish line with our head up high and tell ourselves, “I must be optimistic and I am unique and nobody else is like me.” Rub the negativity off your shoulders and step with your foot forward and believe in yourself. Know that a new year is about to come and the possibilities are endless and up to you.


If you are struggling with something that is more than just holiday blues, make sure to seek HELP from a medical provider or close friend you can count on. You can also call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1 (800) 273-8255 if you have any negative thoughts and need someone to talk to.


These are just my opinions and suggestions and shouldn’t be taken as a professional doctor’s recommendation but seek your doctor or professional help if necessary as I am not a doctor or professional counselor. Just someone that has at times felt blue.


P.S. How have you defeated the holiday blues? What other suggestions would you give to someone that is going through a similar situation?


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