Treasure the little things. Great inspirational post about treasuring the little things.

I wish today’s daily prompt could take place especially in times when some things don’t go the way we expect them to. Going through our lives, there are events we relish and treasure forever in our memories and hearts. But, there are also those events that have wounded us and we never want to relive that moment again.

No Teeth

With this in mind, I would certainly want to relive those beautiful moments when I was a little girl. Moments that are imprinted in my memory and in pictures. Here I was, just sitting and smiling showing my pink gums, since I don’t believe I had teeth yet. I didn’t care what I looked like, what I had to wear, or worry about my hair, ha what hair? These worries that we have nowadays and that sometimes causes concern or stress. I still, to this day, wear my hair down and don’t worry so much as to how I look.

child on bed

Playing Pretend

Here is another picture of me playing pretend with the ice cream truck yelling in Spanish, “nieve!” or ice cream in English. I remember this as if it were yesterday, just cruising in my little truck without a worry on my mind. No bills to pay, no cleaning to do, no cooking or adult chores! I would just go on with my business of playing and enjoying being alive.

Ice cream.jpg

Hitting the Piñata

This picture shows me enjoying my birthday party, although I can’t recall how old I turned there. Again, no worries in my mind or wondering if people were going to show up, if there was food for them, if they were going to bring presents or what not.


The only concern I had was making sure to hit the piñata really hard and having candy expelled from it; oh and make sure to beat the crowd and grab as many candies from the ground. This is a tradition we use in birthday parties in our family. Mostly in Hispanic households, but it is getting passed on to other cultures, as well as, other traditions.


Therefore, if I had that opportunity to go back in time, being a child once again would be the time I would like to go back to. Where innocence was prominent and when being a child was so pure and gratifying.


Remember to treasure the little moments because they make a BIG impression.


P.S. I would love to hear from you and know what family traditions you have for birthdays or celebrations? Have you ever hit a piñata? Or what were some of the make believe games you used to play? Hope to hear from you.


In response to the Daily Prompt: If I Could Turn Back Time