Wondering what you will be gifting your loved one this Valentine’s Day? Wonder no more. If you are a DIY’er (do it yourself) then this would be a great idea and you can hand make your own creations that will be cherished more than if you bought it at a store. Here is an idea for you if you like trying new things and enjoy gifting handmade. Or, if your loved one enjoys making lovely jewelry, then below are some gift ideas for them as well.

Hand-Stamped Jewelry

Most people will be looking for gifts that are customized and original. Here is a necklace I created a couple of years ago. It was simple yet unique for my customer as she did ask me to customize it. The rectangular metal blank had been stamped in English with the word “Time” but when my customer saw it while I was selling at a Farmer’s Market, she requested I stamp the word “Tiempo” which is time in Spanish. This was the outcome:


There are many other one-of-a-kind jewelry ideas and other components you can make with stamping tools and supplies. Some ideas are creating hand-stamped components for  scrapbook pages, photo albums, home décor and more. I used a rectangular blank above and some Kato Polyclay™ to make the dangling bead at the bottom. You can also use Apoxie® Sculpt or a range of other metal clays. These items can be a great gift for someone that enjoys working with these types of mediums.

There are many resources from YouTube and books for step-by-step projects or ideas and inspirations. ”Stamped Metal Jewelry” by Lisa Niven Kelly is filled with creative techniques and designs for making custom hand-stamped jewelry with words, symbols, wire-working techniques and more. Another book is ”Metalworking 101 for Beaders” which shows jewelry makers how to enhance beaded pieces with soldering, annealing, texturing and other techniques.

So if you are ready to venture into the jewelry business or wonder what to give your jewelry maker or crafty loved one, then stock up on supplies or one of the books above. Other supplies can be found in my Etsy shop for making children’s jewelry as well if your loved one is your little one. There are great ideas for creating pendants, finished necklaces, bracelets, earrings, bookmarks, cuff links, and other gift items. If you just want to hand make a unique Valentine’s gift, then go for it.

Happy Crafting!

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