Today’s daily prompt stumped me as I sit here typing and trying to go back in time to think, what have I resolved in previous years since I don’t make resolutions? Thinking and thinking got me to type, what does it mean when nothing’s resolved?


Long and long I dug in my memory, something I finished in these previous years, what had it been or was there ever something? What shall I write if nothing comes to mind, only a few things that don’t seem precise.


Then I thought about some years ago, I accomplished a great deal, by finishing college which took me more than the term. It took me five years which should’ve taken four but working full time was a difficult task. Staying long hours studying for tests and hitting the books had finally come to an end.


There I was on December of 2008, wearing my black cap and gown walking up those steps to the stage and hearing my name. I got teary eyed as deep in my mind I thought to myself, “I did it, I finally did it!”

Response to daily prompt: Resolved