Why I'm no Princess. Interesting concept of why we shouldn't want to be princesses. Great points!


Today is International Women’s Day, which got me thinking, why only today and not every day? Although, I’m no princess and don’t want to be as you will read below but why do we sometimes believe others when told we are not strong, beautiful or even worthy.


Why do we let them talk us down like this? Even nature is defined as feminine like the words “Mother Nature” imply. We are here because of a woman, we were born from within the womb of a woman. Below are some examples of why we shouldn’t always let negativity and prejudice put us down and some of the women who defied all odds.



Women in History

Amelia Earhart

Many women in our history have made their mark and made a vigorous stand on their convictions.

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Let’s talk about Amelia, who was the first woman to fly a plane across the Atlantic Ocean. She defied beliefs that women couldn’t do what a man could. She believed in herself and what she was capable of doing with what she had. Even though she was a woman, she didn’t let that hold her back from her dream of one day being able to fly an airplane.


In one of those flights, May 20th, 1932, due to weather and mechanical problems, she was forced to land her plane on a farm. After everyone heard this news, she was later presented with awards.


When she was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross by congress, again she was the first woman to receive this award, there was something that she felt that I truly believe. Here is what she said, based on the Official Website of Amelia Earhart


Earhart felt the flight proved that men and women were equal in “jobs requiring intelligence, coordination, speed, coolness, and willpower.”

Amelia Earhart

Picture obtained by permission according to her official website: Amelia Earhart


Willpower! If we don’t have this, then we have nothing. No matter if you draw the horse to water, if he doesn’t want to drink from it, he won’t. This is true for us as well.


Many women in our history have made their mark and made a vigorous stand on their convictions. Click To Tweet


I may be going through some type of struggle and feel that I want to throw in the towel but if I have the willpower to get out of the raging waters of life, then I will fight until the end and swim onto land.


Here is a quote by Amelia that I believe is very inspirational:


“The woman who can create her own job is the woman who will win fame and fortune. It is far easier to start something than it is to finish it.”


Anna Lee Tingle Fisher

She too was another woman who went outside of the “normal” beliefs that women should be at home to be housewives. According to her bio, she achieved her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and a Doctor of Medicine from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), 1971 and 1976, respectively. She also received a Master of Science in Chemistry from UCLA, 1987.


Anna was selected as an astronaut in 1978 and completed a log of 192 hours in space. Afterward, she took a leave of absence to care for her children for almost six years. The amazing thing about this is that she returned to the workforce and became the chief of the Space Station branch, according to this site.


Where I want to get with her story, is that she was the first mother astronaut to go in space. Maybe we will not go to space like she did, but go back to the workforce or own our businesses and be able to work at home.


Back then and even now, many women don’t have a say in what they want to do. Women are only seen as objects and not have a say in what they would like to accomplish in life.


I’m no Princess

In society still, at times, we believe our daughters should be princesses and not have to lift a finger to get what she wants to achieve. We are not princesses but queens of our own castles. We don’t need a prince to come rescue us but a man to back us up and support our dreams.


If you want to work and build your own empire, then you should be allowed and have that feeling of accomplishment no matter how big or small your goals are. If you want to be in the workforce or be at home with your children and work at home, then you should do it. 


If you have a spouse that supports your decisions and goals, be thankful as not many women have that person that backs them up. 


It is far easier to start something than it is to finish it. #womenpreneur #women Click To Tweet


We need to teach our daughters that they need to have dreams and goals and give them the resources. If your daughter wants to play in the dirt or learn science, give her the tools and let her be.


Get her involved in STEM, the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math education. Who knows, maybe she will be the one to find a cure for the most deadly illnesses. 


Not only teach our daughters, but our sons to be that man that will support his girlfriend, sister or wife to become everything and anything she wants to be.



Fly High

As these women defied the prejudices of this world, flying into space and above ground, you too need to fly above what the rest of the world believes about you. Be strong, independent, and believe you are beautiful no matter what.  Help other women in your life and support each other.


Many times we criticize each other and say things such as, “oh how dare she go to work and leave her kids in daycare?” or “if I could only stay at home and drink tea and do nothing like that stay at home mom”, not knowing what each of us is going through in our own lives. 


So, I encourage you to support and empower one another, lift each other up and believe in yourself ALWAYS! From one woman to another, FLY HIGH!


P.S. What are some of the ways you encourage your fellow women friends and family? Share with others to encourage them to reach their dreams. Blessings to all.


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