When I was growing up I enjoyed listening to music, as I do now, today’s daily prompt asks who did I idolize as a teenager? I can’t say I idolized them but I enjoyed listening to songs by a Spanish romantic group called Los Temerarios. In English, temerario means reckless. Not sure why they chose that name and haven’t really researched them but I sure do love their music. Here is a mix I found on YouTube for them in case you want to listen for a few seconds:

Since not many speak Spanish, here are some of the lyrics from some of the first two songs they play in this video, not literal but what I can translate for you:

“When I think about you my sadness progresses. Your memory fosters in my heart. Today I’m here without you missing you, remembering you were mine, remembering you today. I don’t know what to do, I need you. Days are lonely without you and the nights empty. I can barely survive, I need you. Where are you, who caresses you while I die here?”

I guess as a teenager I was a romantic, a lover of people and being in companion, ok still am. Just knowing that I had someone to care for, to talk to, to hug was something that I desired. But then again, I was only a teenager and really didn’t understand what love meant. But that’s another topic for another day.

I really can’t remember or think back as to what other groups I enjoyed listening to but this one for sure.


Books that I remember reading when I was in elementary school were written by Beverly Cleary. She was a children’s book author that while growing up struggled with reading and writing until she spent a lot of time in a public library in Portland, Oregon, according to her biography. I was not a teenager yet but those are books that I recall reading when I was younger. Some of the books I read by her were Ralph S. Mouse and Ramona Quimby.

Here is the book of Ralph S. Mouse:
It is about a talking mouse who only speaks with certain people, especially those that are loners. He also enjoys riding his motorcycle and gets upset with those that use it. It is a cute book that teaches about friendship.

Now that I’m older I have started reading books by author Paulo Coelho, Brazilian lyricist and novelist.

One of the books I read by Mr Coelho is The Alchemist, which is one of his most famous books and has been translated into many languages:

It is about a shepherd who has a recurring dream about finding treasure and ventures to the Pyramids in Egypt to seek his dream. The core theme about this book, which captivates me, is what it states: “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”. Which now that I am a bit mature, I come to realize that this seems to be true. Anyway, I really recommend this book if you’re up for an adventure and want inspiration to follow your dreams, this book might give you a little push.

So, idolize, not really but enjoyed, DEFINITIVELY!

In response to the Daily Prompt: Teen Age Idol